Engines on

Free your camera from its box, and enjoy that hero feeling. Tap the ON | OFF button for ½ a second to switch it on. Charge the camera. You cannot use The Force.

Insert film

Open the film door with the button on the side of the camera. Insert your film pack with the darkslide facing up. Close door, and be alert. Always.

Eject darkslide

The darkslide will eject under the film shield. That’s the darkslide, no dark side here. Remove darkslide and let film shield roll back in.

Get the lowdown from Harriet, our in-house photographer and always first in command.

Translation missing: en.Frame and focus

Translation missing: en.Put your eye to the viewfinder to compose the shot. The camera uses autofocus – just make sure you are at least 55cm (1.8ft) from your subject. Venture forth, and find the moments you seek. When you do, keep the camera steady and press the shutter button to claim your bounty

Translation missing: en.Gone in a flash

Translation missing: en.You like the dark, we know. Use the flash to take your best shots. Be careful – the flash triggers by default, so turn it off when you prefer to go unnoticed. Just press the flash button on the back panel once. Make sure the sun is behind you for best results

Translation missing: en.Protect, defend

Translation missing: en.Your photo will eject under the film shield. Leave it a few seconds, then lift the shield and let it roll back in the camera. Remove the photo and place it face down to develop. Check the film pack for developing times, and don’t shake your photos! That’s a myth. Everything else is real

Translation missing: en.Race against time

Translation missing: en.No picture, no proof. Whatever galaxy you’re in. Tap the self-timer button once to light up the LED orange. Line up the shot and press the shutter button. Is it blinking? You have 9 seconds to grab your helmet, your fam, your cat or other sidekicks, and get in the frame

Translation missing: en.Double exposure

Translation missing: en.Up the stakes on your bounty and create futuristic effects with the power of two photos in one. Tap the self-timer button twice for double exposure mode. The display will indicate ‘1’ until the first shot is taken, then ‘2’ until the second shot.<br><br><a href="/pages/5-ways-capture-moments-galaxy">Perfect the craft with more advanced techniques</a>

Translation missing: en.Rest up

Translation missing: en.Even bounty hunters need their beauty sleep. When you’re done shooting, just tap the ON | OFF button for ½ a second. Store unopened film in the fridge but avoid a carbon freeze, and be ready for the moments with plenty of film