Feeling the after-effects of a hectic start to the year? Sometimes, the best remedy is picking up your Polaroid camera for a January de-stress. Here’s a guide on how to brighten your photography game by shooting with your instant camera in the winter’s light, on cloudy days, and indoors.

Capture sunny winter days.

Alpine adventures provide a mountain of creative opportunities. If you're heading to the peaks, we've put together some pointers on how to test your upward limits and capture cold air, warm hearts, and views without bounds.

01 Find peak perspective.

Find peak perspective.

Getting the view from the top? Inject your panorama with maximum drama by stepping back and shooting from a wide angle. Perch on a fallen tree trunk to steady the shot and never, ever shoot directly into the sun.

02 Get up to speed.

Get up to speed.

Some adrenalized moments require a digital camera for precision capture. Expose your extreme speed shots onto film with the Polaroid Lab instant photo printer.

Determined to develop the shot on the spot? More light = more chance of catching movement, so try shooting with flash.

03 Your winter white‑out.

Your winter white‑out.

Snowy scenes are oh-so-magical, but can be awkward to shoot. If glare causes your shots to look over or under exposed, adjust the exposure setting to get the light just right. Remember, Polaroid film loves to be warm, so keep it on your body and under your coat, before and after shooting, for the picture perfect temperature.

Brighten gloomy days.

Even when it's grey outside, keep a bright outlook on cloudy days by shooting on black and white film.

01 Dial up the drama.

Dial up the drama.

Finding the light a lackluster shade of gray? Embrace drama by shooting on black and white film. Monochrome shots make simple walks in the park look epic. They add atmosphere and texture to give the story a whole new narrative.

02 Turn on the bright lights.

Turn on the bright lights.

Dark days don’t have to mean moody photos. Use the flash to bring some brightness to your world. It adds shadow and depth, while giving your subject that VIP glow.

03 Contrast your tones.

Contrast your tones.

Give yourself a new perspective by bringing out tones. Yellow filters are a classic choice for B&W film to highlight clouds and penetrate haze. Blue filters notoriously add extra ‘mood’ to the shot.

Indoor shooting tips.

Your house. Where all the best ideas come. Whether you’re in the bath, washing the dishes, or generally procrastinating the day away, your home is where inspiration begins. If you’re keeping it cozy this winter, here’s a guide on how to maintain your creativity whilst chilling indoors.

01 Get set.

Get set.

Your house may not be a pro studio but you probably have enough lights to create great effects. Try to illuminate your subject with different lamps from around your house. Set up a tripod, hold the light behind the camera and point at your subject to find your ‘Director of Photography’ vibe. Still coming out dark? You can always use the flash.

02 Paint with light.

Paint with light.

A great light painting is a milestone moment for Polaroid photographers. Set yourself up in a low lit room with a tripod. Grab your Polaroid Now+ and open Light Painting mode on the Polaroid app, then open the shutter button from your phone and ‘paint’ with a phone torch, lamp or bike light.

03 Keep it real.

Keep it real.

The very best light is straight from the sun. While always keeping your camera steady, take portraits by windows to soak your subject in natural light and give them that organic glow.

Feeling inspired and ready to get shooting? Our cases and straps will keep your Polaroid camera locked to your body no matter which winter landscape you trek to. And make sure you’re never caught empty-handed by stocking up on film to help you create your way into 2022.