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Translation missing: en.Phone to Polaroid™ technology. Moving AR photos. Split frame collage. Take your creativity to the edge of the original Polaroid square format film with the Polaroid Lab

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Translation missing: en.Get sticky-back, photo-quality prints any place, any time. Just choose your moment, hit the Polaroid Hi·Print app and make it your own

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Translation missing: en.<p>Never lose a moment again with the <a href="/products/polaroid-lab">Polaroid Lab instant photo printer</a>. It uses 100% real chemistry to transform the digital moments on your phone into a real-life Polaroid photograph. After something you can take with you? Explore <a href="/products/hi-print-2x3-printer">Polaroid Hi-Print 2x3</a>: a new digital Polaroid phone printer to turn your favorite internet finds into a pocket-sized print you can stick wherever you like.</p>