Polaroid 3D Printers & Pens

Make your vision a reality. The Polaroid line of 3D printers and pens are easy-to-use right out of the box. Ideal for use at home, in the classroom or in any work environment, there’s a solution for every need, no matter the skill level.

A new way to DIY.

Creating DIY projects will never be the same again. Use the Polaroid SmartPlay app to access free designs or create your own—the only limit is your imagination.

Your desk’s best friend.

The Polaroid PlaySmart 3D printer is the perfect addition to any desk whether at home or the office. A built-in Wi-Fi camera and two-click printing feature makes controlling, monitoring and printing your creations a breeze.

All the colors of awesome.

Polaroid universal filament is available in ten different materials, including PLA, PETG and P-Wood filament, as well as ABS, Flexible and P-Copper, with a multitude of fantastic colours to choose from.

More to choose, more to love.

Polaroid 3D printing technology stuffed into three colourful, handheld and easy-to-use 3D pens. No matter your project, Polaroid 3D pens are the perfect tools for instantly designing beautiful works of art, creating one-of-a-kind objects or adding a little fun to learning.

The definition of creative freedom.

Use the ‘stencilize’ button in the Polaroid Play Trace app to turn your photos into a personal stencil or trace imported templates and assemble to create amazing 3D models.

Create with precision.

Supplies running low? Now you don’t have to guess. The Polaroid Precise filament holder and scale measures your filament weight and length so you always know how much you have left.

Available at Cass Art, Crave 3D, Harrods, Menkind and Selfridges.