MiNT Polaroid SX‑70 Lens Set

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Push your creative limits with this lens set for the Polaroid SX-70 from MiNT. Unlock wide-angle shots with the fish-eye lens, intimate portraits with closeup, or add some color with an orange or blue filter. This set also includes an ND filter (neutral density filter) to make your SX-70 compatible with 600 special edition films. The best set your SX-70 can get.

Technical Specifications

Translation missing: en.Set of 5 lenses for Polaroid folding cameras (SX-70, SX-70 Sonar, SLR 680 and SLR 690)<br /><br />Fisheye lens for wide-angle photography<br />Closeup lens for minimum focus of 5 in (120 mm)<br />K2 Yellow filter intensifies contrast in black & white photos<br />80b Blue filter corrects reddish cast in color photos<br />Neutral Density filter adjusts light levels, allowing you to use 600 film in SX-70 type cameras<br /><br />Includes fully-compatible lens holder

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