Polaroid Go Travel Set

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  • Polaroid Go Generation 1 Instant Camera

    Polaroid Go Generation 1 Instant Camera

  • Polaroid Go Color Film Double Pack

    Polaroid Go Color Film Double Pack

  • Polaroid Go Camera Case

    Polaroid Go Camera Case

  • Polaroid Go Generation 2 Instant Camera

    Polaroid Go Generation 2 Instant Camera

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Get ready to go, with a travel set that has it all: the Polaroid Go camera, a camera case to keep it secure, and one double pack of Polaroid Go film. Camera case available in red, white, and black. Film and case only compatible with the Polaroid Go Camera.

Polaroid Go Travel Set

Translation missing: en.Create on the Go!

Translation missing: en.Portable, wearable, and take-anywhere-able. The Polaroid Go camera is your new partner in creativity

Translation missing: en.Small film, big energy

Translation missing: en.Classic Polaroid film, but smaller. Take inspiration everywhere, with photos that fit in your pocket

Translation missing: en.Self‑timer. Selfie‑ready

Translation missing: en.Find your light with the reflective selfie mirror, and pick your pose with plenty of time, thanks to the self-timer

Translation missing: en.Sleek, safe, and secure

Translation missing: en.The Polaroid Go camera case is designed to perfectly protect your little partner in creativity. Sturdy and lightweight, it keeps your camera safe without adding too much bulk

Technical Specifications

Translation missing: en.The Polaroid Go Starter Set contents:<br>1x Polaroid Go camera<br>+ 1x Polaroid Go Color Film Double Pack<br><br><br><b>Camera:</b><br>Pocket-sized Analog Instant Camera<br>Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.3 x 2.4 in (105 mm x 83.9 mm x 61.5 mm)<br>Weight: 0.53 lbs (242 grams) (without film pack)<br>Color: White<br><br>Battery: High performance lithium-ion battery, 750mAh, 3.7V nominal Voltage, 2.7Wh, rechargeable via USB.<br>15-pack battery life<br><br>Outer shell: Polycarbonate + ABS plastics<br><br>Lenses: Polycarbonate resin<br>Shutter speed: 1/250-1sec<br>Aperture: f12 and f52<br>Focal length: 51.1mm<br><br>Field of view: Diagonal 65.1°, Horizontal 48.1°, Vertical 49.1 degrees<br><br>Automatic flash (with override)<br>Flash system: Vacuum discharge tube storage<br><br>Packaging contents:<br>Polaroid Go camera<br>USB charging cable<br>Wrist strap<br>Quick Start Guide<br>Safety & Compliance Booklet<br><br>Compatible only with Polaroid Go film<br><br><br><b>Film:</b><br>Color instant film for Polaroid Go camera<br><br>16 photos per double pack<br>Classic white frame<br>Battery-free<br><br>ASA: 640<br>Format: 2.623 x 2.122 in (66.6 mm x 53.9 mm)<br>Image area: 1.851 x 1.811 in (47 mm x 46 mm)<br><br>Development time: 10-15 minutes<br><br>Compatible only with the Polaroid Go camera